Code With Me Help

Code With Me setup overview

When you work with Code With Me, the main questions among others that you can check in the FAQ section are how to get familiar with the UI and how to secure the safety of the environment you are sharing with others.

Since Code With Me is a plugin, it is supported in the majority of the JetBrains products. You can follow the getting started guide in a product with which you are working to get familiar with the UI:

Data that you share during the Code With Me session is going through the JetBrains' servers and you can check the more detailed information in the FAQ section.

If, for security reasons, you don't want to use the JetBrains' servers, you can control the IT infrastructure and data that goes back and forth by configuring the on-premises servers.

Depending on the requirements for setting up the servers, you can use a quick setup for evaluation purposes and testing, or refer to Code With Me administration guide to configure the relay and lobby servers.

Last modified: 12 May 2021