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Documentation tool window

View | Tool Windows | Documentation

When you use Ctrl+Q (View | Quick Documentation), the Documentation popup is shown.

Then, if you click pin_small in the upper-right corner of the popup, the popup transforms into a tool window. As a result, the tool window becomes available in the View | Tool Windows menu.

To turn the tool window back into a popup, click pin_small again.

arrowBack arrowForwardLeft or RightSwitch to the previous or next documentation page (e.g. after using hyperlinks).
arrowUp.png Shift+F1 View external documentation in the default browser.
edit F4 Switch to the item (e.g. source) that corresponds to the documentation page currently shown.
autoscrollFromSource Turn the Auto-update from source option on or off. When the option is on, the information in the tool window is synchronized with your navigation in the editor and other places in the UI.
iconAction Click this icon to show the font size slider. Move the slider to increase or decrease the font size as required.

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Last modified: 25 November 2016