DataGrip 2017.1 Help

Moving your data sources onto another computer

If you want to make your data sources available on another computer (e.g. you may want to share them with your colleagues), you should transfer the corresponding project folder onto the destination computer, and then open that folder in DataGrip on that computer.

About projects

Your data source settings are stored in projects. When you start DataGrip for the first time, the project called default is created, and you work with that project unless you create another one (File | New | Project).

Finding out the project locations

Each project is stored in its own folder. The folders have the same names as your projects (e.g. default).

To find out where the folder of interest is located, select File | Open Recent | Manage Projects. As a result, your recently used projects and their locations are shown. ~ in the popup means your home directory.

Default project locations

If you haven't found your project yet, here are the default project locations:

  • Windows: <your-home-dir>\.DataGrip<version>\config\projects
  • macOS: <your-home-dir>/Library/Preferences/DataGrip<version>/projects
  • Linux: <your-home-dir>/.DataGrip<version>/projects

Making your data sources available on another computer

  1. Transfer the project folder of interest onto the destination computer.
  2. On the destination computer, open the folder in DataGrip: start DataGrip, select File | Open, and then select the project folder.
Last modified: 27 July 2017