DataGrip 2017.3 Help

Register New File Type Association dialog

The dialog box opens when you attempt to open a file in the editor, but DataGrip does not recognize its type by the file extension. Use the dialog box to associate unknown file extensions with existing file types.

Open matching files
in DataGrip
When this option is selected, DataGrip treats the type of the file to be opened as one of the recognized file types. Choose the relevant type from the list box below, that displays all the file types recognized by DataGrip.
File PatternIn this text box, specify the file pattern to be associated with the selected file type. By default, the text box shows the following pattern: *.<current file full extension>.
Open matching files in associated applicationWhen this option is selected, DataGrip attempts to open the selected file using its native application, if this application is available.
Last modified: 4 April 2018