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Differences viewer for table structures

dbe compareTableStructures

Comparison statuses are shown in the column marked with an asterisk (*).

icons vcs arrow right The column, constraint or index exists only in the left-hand table.
icons vcs not equal The items exist in both tables but their definitions are different. You can study the differences in the lower part of the view.
icons vcs equal The items are identical.
icons vcs arrow left The item exists only in the right-hand table.

Generating ALTER TABLE statements

You can generate a set of ALTER TABLE statements for making data definitions in the left-hand and the right-hand parts identical. Use one of the following buttons in the upper part of the view:

  • Migrate Left. The statements for the left-hand table or tables are generated.
  • Migrate Right. This buttons does the same but for the right-hand table or tables.

The ALTER TABLE statements are generated for the items marked icons vcs arrow right, icons vcs not equal and icons vcs arrow left. If you don't want to generate the statements for some of those items, right click the * cell and select Set Do Nothing for all such items.

Last modified: 17 August 2018

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