DataGrip 2018.3 Help

Navigation basics

This is a very brief outline of the features that DataGrip offers for navigation.

To jump to the definition of a column, table or other item, press Ctrl+B or select Navigate | Declaration. By default, it highlights the corresponding object in the Database tool window:

Navigate to Database tree

You can change this behavior to open the corresponding definition in the DDL editor.

Navigate to DDL

For this, open the Setting / Preferences dialog, click Database, then click General, and clear the Prefer database view over DDL editor.

To see a column, table or other item in a different view, press Alt+F1 or click Navigate | Select In, and select the view. In this way, you can switch from the editor to the Database, Files or Structure tool window, from the Database tool window to the navigation bar, etc.


The navigation bar - the bar above the tool windows and the editor - shows a path from some root element (e.g. the Database tool window or your working folder) to the current item (e.g. a column or a table, or a file). It lets you move along this path, see the contents of the items, and select and open the items in the editors.



  • Alt+Home or Navigate | Jump to Navigation Bar to switch to the current item on the navigation bar.

  • Left and Right to move left and right.

  • Down to see the item contents.

  • Enter to select an item and, if appropriate, to open that item in an editor.


The Switcher lets you switch between open files and consoles, and the tool windows.

To open the Switcher, hold down the Ctrl key and press Tab. Don't release the Ctrl key. Use the arrow keys to move in the Switcher.


When you release the Ctrl key, the selected item becomes active, and the Switcher closes.

When in the Files tool window, use F4 or View | Jump to Source to open files in the editor.


When in the Database tool window, F4 or View | Jump to Source opens the data editor for a table. To jump to source code for an item, i.e. its definition, use Ctrl+B or iconDBEditDDLSource on the toolbar.

Last modified: 6 February 2019