DataGrip 2018.3 Help

Specifying a Version to Work With

By default, DataGrip suggests to check out the latest (HEAD) revision to work with. However, you can synchronize your local working copy with any previous revision from the repository.

To specify the version to work with

  1. In the Use Version section of the CVS Roots dialog box, select the criterion to search for the desired version. The available options are:
    • By tag

    • By date

  2. Click Browse browseButton.png next to the selected option and do one of the following depending on the selected search criterion:
    • If you have selected By tag, select the desired tag from the list of tags that opens. The list displays the tags obtained from the CVS server according to the specified CVS root string.

    • If you have selected By date, select the date and time in the calendar that opens.

    You can also type the desired revision number, tag, or date in the text box next to the selected option.

Last modified: 6 February 2019

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