DataGrip 2019.2 Help

Run DataGrip for the first time

When you run DataGrip for the first time, or after you have upgraded it from a previous version, some steps are required to complete the installation, customize your instance and start working with the IDE.

Import DataGrip settings

In the Import DataGrip Settings From dialog, select whether you want to import the IDE settings:

Complete Installation dialog

If this is your first instance of DataGrip, choose the Do not import settings option.

Select the user interface theme

Select whether you want to use the default Darcula or Light theme.

Select the UI theme

Select a preferred dialect for SQL files

On the next step, you are prompted to select a preferred dialect for SQL files. The selected dialect provides code assistance including syntax analysis, completion, and refactoring. If you plan to use different dialects, select <Generic SQL>.

Also, on this step, you can select a directory with SQL scripts and attach it to your project. The directory and all subdirectories can be accessed in the Files tool window (View | Tool Windows | Files).

Installation step - select preferred SQL dialect
Last modified: 11 November 2019