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Find tool window

View | Tool Windows | Find

The Find tool window displays the results of the following searches:

The results of each search are displayed in a separate tab, or replace the contents of the current tab, depending on the Open in new tab dialog setting. By default the window appears at the bottom of the screen.

It has a toolbar with a set of buttons, a pane of results, and additional buttons for Replace in Path, and Refactoring Preview operations.

The Find tool window lets you work with search results.

Toolbar buttons

ItemTooltip and ShortcutDescription
the Settings button Settings Click this button to edit the search settings.
the Rerun buttonRerun
Repeat the last search.
the Close buttonClose
Close the current tab or the tool window.
Icons general pin tabPin TabClick this button to pin or unpin the current tab. You may need to pin a tab to prevent it from closing automatically when the maximum number of tabs is reached in this window.
Expand all
Collapse all
Expand all
Ctrl+NumPad +
Collapse all
Ctrl+NumPad -
Use these buttons to have all nodes expanded or collapsed.
Previous occurrence/ Next occurrencePrevious/next occurrence
Navigate to the previous/next element in the tab of results.
Group byGroup by

Click this icon to open the menu for the following grouping options:

  • File Structure Ctrl+S: toggles grouping by statements.

  • Group by directory Ctrl+P: select this option to show all the usages of a symbol under the directories where they are found.

  • Usage type Ctrl+T: turns grouping usages by categories on or off.

the Preview Usages buttonPreview Usages Turns showing the Preview pane on or off.

Context menu commands

RerunCtrl+F5Run the action again and show the results on the same tab.
Jump to SourceF4Navigate to the selected item in the source code.
IncludeInsertFor an excluded item: include the item in the list of results.

Exclude the selected item from the list of results. (Excluded items are shown strikethrough.)

When you carry out the Replace All or the Do Refactor command, the excluded items are not affected.

RemoveCtrl+XRemove the selected item from the list of results.
Recent Find UsagesCtrl+EShow the list of recent searches. Select an item in the list to see the search results.
Export to Text FileAlt+OSave the contents of the current result tab. In the Export preview dialog, specify the target file or copy information to the clipboard. Before saving, you can also modify the information to be saved.

Upper Toolbar buttons

Show Options MenuShow Options MenuClick this icon to open a menu with more options for managing the tool window such as displaying or hiding side toolbars, group tabs, selecting viewing mode, resizing, and so on.
HideHideHides the tool window. Press Alt+3 to restore it.
Last modified: 08 March 2021