DataGrip 2020.3 Help

Mark Resolved dialog (Subversion)

Use this dialog to have DataGrip consider conflicts in a file or directory resolved. This operation is most often required after merging text or property conflicts manually.

Files and directoriesThe list shows all the files and directories where merge or updated resulted in conflicts that DataGrip cannot resolve automatically. When you have examined the conflicts resolved them manually or considered irrelevant, you need to tell DataGrip that these files are no longer conflicting. To appoint a file for marking as free from conflicts, select the checkbox next to it.
Select AllClick this button to have all the items in the list appointed for marking as resolved.
Deselect AllClick this button to clear the list of candidates for marking as resolved.
Mark ResolvedClick this button to have DataGrip treat all the selected items as conflict free. The dialog closes, whereupon the Local Changes view shows the affected files as updated and available for submitting to the server.
Last modified: 08 March 2021