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Code Inspections in MongoJS

This topic lists all DataGrip code inspections available in MongoJS.

You can toggle specific inspections or change their severity level on the Editor | Inspections page of the IDE settings Ctrl+Alt+S.

InspectionDescriptionDefault Severity
Deprecated element

Reports usages of deprecated methods in MongoDB and JavaScript code.

The quick-fix replaces deprecated methods with recommended alternatives.



After the quick-fix is applied:

Warning Warning
Resolution problems

Reports unresolved references in MongoDB and JavaScript code.


db use foo -- a reference to a non-existing collection db.non_existing_collection db['non_existing_collection'] db['non_existing_collection'].find().hasNext()

The non_existing_collection collection does not exist in the database and will be reported.

Warning Warning
Statement with side effects

Reports statements that can cause side effects while the data source is in read-only mode.

For more information about enabling read-only mode, see Enable read-only mode for a connection in the IDE documentation.

The Disable read-only mode quick-fix turns off the read-only mode for the respective data source.



Warning Warning
Last modified: 07 July 2021