DataGrip 2021.2 Help

Favorites tool window

The Favorites tool window lets you manage the following lists:

  • Favorite project items. Each list of Favorites in the tool window appears with the star icon the Favorite icon.

  • Bookmarks. The list of bookmarks is marked with the Bookmark icon.

The lists of bookmarks are filled in automatically.

Favorites tool window

Toolbar buttons

the Add buttonAlt+InsertCreate a new list of favorite items. In the Add New Favorites List dialog, specify the name for the new list and click OK.

Depending on the selection, perform one of the following actions:

  • Favorites: rename this list.

  • Bookmarks: change short description of the selected bookmark.

the Remove buttonAlt+Delete

Delete the selected list or list item:

  • Favorites: delete an entire list of favourites or the selected item.

  • Bookmarks: delete this bookmark from the list and from the source code.

    If a bookmark is deleted from the source code, it is also removed from the Favorites tool window.

Title bar buttons

Show Options MenuOpen a menu with more options for managing the tool window such as displaying or hiding side toolbars, group tabs, selecting viewing mode, resizing, and so on.
Collapse allCtrl+NumPad -Collapse all expanded nodes in the current view.
Hide tool windowShift+Escape

Hide the tool window Shift+Escape.

To hide all the tool windows, press Ctrl+Shift+F12.

Title bar context menu and buttons

Right-click the title bar button to open this context menu.

Navigate with Single Click

Navigate automatically from a file selected in the Favorites tool window to the corresponding source file or its fragment in the editor.

Always Select Opened Element

Navigate automatically from a file selected in the editor, to the corresponding file in the Favorites tool window.

Show ToolbarDisplay the toolbar with editing buttons. To see the description of the toolbar, go to the Toolbar buttons section.
View ModeSelect the viewing mode for the tool window. For more information about viewing modes, see Tool window view modes.
Remove from SidebarClose the window and remove it from the sidebar.
Move toMove the current window.
ResizeResize the window. You can stretch it in different directions or maximize it.
Remove from SidebarClose the window.
HelpOpen the documentation page for the tool window.
Last modified: 10 September 2021