DataGrip 2021.2 Help

File template variables

A file template can contain variables, which are replaced by their values when the template is applied. A variable is a string that starts with a dollar sign $ followed by the variable name. The variable name may optionally be enclosed in curly braces. For example: $MyVariable and ${MyVariable} are different notations of the same variable.

Predefined template variables

The following predefined variables can be used in file templates:

${DATE}Current system date
${DAY}Current day of the month
${DS}Dollar sign $. This variable is used to escape the dollar character, so that it is not treated as a prefix of a template variable.
${FILE_NAME}Name of the new file
${HOUR}Current hour
${MINUTE}Current minute
${SECOND}Current second
${MONTH}Current month
${MONTH_NAME_FULL}Full name of the current month (January, February, and so on)
${MONTH_NAME_SHORT}First three letters of the current month name (Jan, Feb, and so on)
${NAME}Name of the new entity (file, class, interface, and so on)
${ORGANIZATION_NAME}Name of your organization specified in the project settings
${PRODUCT_NAME}Name of the IDE (for example, DataGrip)
${PROJECT_NAME}Name of the current project
${TIME}Current system time
${USER}Login name of the current user
${YEAR}Current year
Last modified: 29 September 2021