DataGrip 2024.1 Help


Configure the way DataGrip saves your passwords for version control repositories, databases, and other protected resources.

For more information about sharing data sources with passwords, refer to Share all the connections with passwords.



In native Keychain

Use the native keychain app.

This option is not available for Windows. macOS uses Keychain Access. For Linux, it depends on the desktop environment and available apps: if you have both GNOME Keyring and KWallet, DataGrip will use GNOME Keyring for compatibility reasons because KWallet was not supported in previous versions.

In KeePass

Use the KeePass password manager.

  • Database: Specifies the location of the password database file c.kdbx.

    To change the location, click the Browse button and select the new directory. To import another c.kdbx file, click the Settings menu and select Import. To remove the existing passwords in the c.kdbx file, select Clear.

    Use the master password to access the password database c.kdbx. To set the master password for the database, click the Settings menu and select Set Master Password. Once DataGrip remembers your passwords, it will not ask for the passwords again including the master password unless you need to access the password database.

  • Protect master password using PGP key: Encrypt the master password for the password database using PGP.

Do not save, forget passwords after restart

Do not remember any passwords and always prompt for credentials to protected resources.

Last modified: 23 May 2024