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Database objects list in the database tree is not accurate

Introspection is the process during which the IDE retrieves information about a database. This information is used to show the objects in the Database Explorer, display their DDL, suggest them during completion, and in other features for coding assistance.

To profile the introspection and diagnose possible issues, DataGrip can generate three files that include information about the following:

  • dataSource.txt: the data source.

  • introspector.txt: a module that was used to load the metadata from the database.

  • model.xml: a part of the database model.

This information might be helpful when introspection works incorrectly. For example, when you see something outdated or do not see new objects.

Run an introspection profiling

  1. Right-click a data source and navigate to Diagnostics | Prepare Introspector Diagnostics.

  2. Find the three generated files in the file browser window or by clicking their location link in the notification message.

    Notification message with a link to introspection information files

The following screenshot shows the example output of these three files.

Prepare introspector diagnostic

To report an issue, you can use any option that is described in the Where to report an issue section. But we recommend using the JetBrains Support Center.

Submit a request in the JetBrains Support Center

  1. Open the request form by doing one of the following:

    • Click Help | Contact Support.

      The request form will contain prefilled fields about your product and OS.

    • Go to the Submit a request page.

  2. Fill in the Submit a request form.

    If it is possible, attach some troubleshooting materials.

  3. Click Submit.

Last modified: 11 February 2024