DataGrip 2024.1 Help

Specify Inspection Scope dialog

Use this dialog to define the scope for code inspections and the profile against which the code should be inspected.

For more information about inspecting your code, refer to Run inspections manually.

the Specify Inspection Scope dialog



Whole project

Inspect the whole project.

File <name>

Inspect the file that is currently selected in the Files tool window or opened in the editor.

Selected files

Inspect the files that are currently selected in the Files tool window.

Uncommitted files

This scope is only available for the projects or directories under version control.

Inspect only the files that have not been committed to the version control system.

Custom scope

Inspect a custom scope of files. Select a pre-defined scope from the list, or click the Browse button and define the scope in the Scopes dialog that opens.

Inspect injected code

Inspect pieces of code in other languages embedded in your code.

Inspection profile

Select a profile that you want to use to inspect your code.

If the required profile is not in the list, click Configure and create a new profile.

Last modified: 20 March 2024