DataGrip 2023.3 Help

Speed Search in tool windows

Speed Search helps you quickly find an item in a tool window: a data source or a table in the Database Explorer, a changelist in the Commit tool window Alt+0, an item in the TODO list, and so on.

  1. Select a tool window, a tree, a list, or a popup.

  2. Start typing the item name, for example, the name of a file, class, or field. As you type, a field appears over the tool window showing the entered characters, and the selection moves to the first item that matches the specified string. The matching part of the string is highlighted.

    You can use the Speed Search feature as a shortcut. Press Control+F.

    For the Database Explorer, a Speed Search filter is also available.

    Speed Search in a tool window
  3. (Only in Database Explorer) To toggle the Speed Search filter on and off, click the Speed Search filter button (the Filter button).

  4. If several items match the pattern, use the ArrowUp and ArrowDown keys to move between them. Press Enter to open the selected item. Press Escape to hide the search field.

Last modified: 01 December 2023