DataGrip 2024.1 Help

Use multiple Perforce depots with P4CONFIG

If your project contains directories that are stored in the different Perforce depots, you might need to switch between them. DataGrip uses P4CONFIG to automatically switch to the respective depot as you use a Perforce-versioned directory.

P4CONFIG is an environment variable that contains the name of the P4CONFIG file without the path. If a certain directory is associated with Perforce (refer to Version control integration support), DataGrip seeks for the P4CONFIG file in this directory and its parents; if the file is not found, DataGrip looks for it in the bin directory of DataGrip installation. When a P4CONFIG file is found, DataGrip uses the settings contained in it to connect to the respective Perforce depot.

A sample P4CONFG file might consist of the following lines:

P4CLIENT=MyClient P4USER=MySelf P4PORT=ida:3456
  1. Create a P4CONFIG file in each directory associated with Perforce.

  2. Create the P4CONFIG environment variable that contains the file name without the path.

Last modified: 17 June 2024