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DataGrip projects

In DataGrip, a project is a combination of your data sources, query consoles and scratch files, attached directories with files that are stored on your machine, and associated settings. Projects are mainly used for organizational purposes.

DataGrip project overview

Once you have created a new project, a corresponding folder is created in the default project directory. That folder contains the .idea subfolder where DataGrip stores the project settings.

You can put the attached directories under VCS. Cloned files and directories from VCS will also be available in the Files tool window as attached directories.

Project and global settings

In DataGrip, you can configure the settings on two levels: the project level and globally.

Types of settings
Project settings

These settings apply only to the current project. They are stored together with other project files in the .idea directory in the .xml format. For example, projects keep VCS settings, code style and spellchecker settings that are available within a project.

For more information, refer to Project settings.

Global settings

Global settings apply to all projects of a specific installation of DataGrip. Such settings include IDE appearance (for example, themes and color schemes), the set of installed and enabled plugins, debugger settings, global inspection profiles, and much more.

For more information, refer to IDE configuration.

Project directory

The DataGrip project directory contains project settings.






~/Library/Application Support/<product><version>


~/Library/Application Support/DataGrip2022.3





For more information, refer to Project directory.

Last modified: 23 November 2022