Datalore 2024.3 Help

Manage code

Use the Code menu, located under the Main menu to manage the code of your notebook. The table below lists all your options.

Menu item


Quick fixes...

Opens a popup with quick-fix suggestions for the selected code.


Allows to rename the selected object.

Reformat code

  • Orders all the attributes.

  • Removes extra spaces/tabs and arranges code lines in a proper indented format.

Optimize imports

  • Sorts imports statements.

  • Removes unused imports from the notebook or the selected code.

Go to declaration

Navigates from the selected variable, field, method, or any other symbol to its declaration.

Parameter info

Shows the names of parameters in the selected code in a popup.

Show documentation

Shows a brief reference regarding the selected object.


Available actions:

  • Duplicate line pastes a copy of the selected code next to the selection.

  • Toggle line comments comments out the selected code.

  • Move line up/down moves the selected code one line up or down.

  • Copy line up/down pastes a copy of the selected code above or below the selection.


Available actions:

  • Expand selection expands the code selection to the next meaningful code segment.

  • Shrink selection shrinks the code selection to the next meaningful code segment.


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Last modified: 16 July 2024