Datalore 2022.3 Help

Configure Datalore

After you complete the basic installation of Datalore using Helm, modify the datalore.values.yaml file (created during the installation) to configure Datalore.

Configure Datalore environment

  • Open the datalore.values.yaml file and naviogate to the dataloreEnv key.

    Edit fields under the dataloreEnv key. The format is as follows:

    dataloreEnv: KEY_NAME: "key_value" ...


    URL by which Datalore is accessed (DATALORE_ROOT_URL). It is used to generate links.


    Must always be equal to "http://${SQL_CELLS_API_HOST}:${SQL_CELLS_API_PORT}".


    Internal hostname for the datalore service. Must be equal to DATALORE_INTERNAL_HOST.


    Internal hostname for the datalore service.


    ID of the instance type that will be used by default (for more information, see the agentsСonfig description).


    Default package manager.


    Default environment, matches one of the default package manager environments.


    If set to true, enables Datalore to send emails (welcome emails, sharing invitations, etc) and requires the parameters described in Enable email service.


    Environment variable for an API token to set up an admin user.

    DATABASES_K8S_NAMESPACE (default: default)

    Name of the Kubernetes namespace where Datalore is installed. Used if you plan to install Datalore in a namespace other than default.

Last modified: 24 November 2022