Datalore 2023.1 Help

Configure Docker Swarm agents

You can run Datalore agents in a Docker Swarm. The procedure below explains how to add Docker Swarm agent support.

Add Docker Swarm agent support

  1. Execute the following command on the machine with Datalore (the host, not the container):

    $ docker swarm init

    The output will look similar to this:

    Swarm initialized: current node (nrz1pdnwspgsqtsoldeiie72k) is now a manager. To add a worker to this swarm, run the following command: docker swarm join --token SWMTKN-1-0g9z7z4wsvj5lfzoet59c2haouuihj2j2jky8kfj8hryc45ff3-abi1a0bpjmsx2z48i6k0x6m3b To add a manager to this swarm, run 'docker swarm join-token manager' and follow the instructions.
  2. Execute the docker swarm join... command from the output in the previous step on all the other nodes which you want to use to run Datalore agents.

  3. (Important) Change the datalore-agents-network definition in the docker-compose.yaml file as follows:

    datalore-agents-network: name: datalore-agents-network driver: overlay attachable: true
Last modified: 31 October 2022