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A notebook in Datalore is a sequence of code and Markdown cells in a linear order. This means that when you work on a notebook, you create and edit its cells.

When you create a notebook and open it in the Datalore editor, it is one empty code cell. This is where you start your work on the notebook. As you complete this cell, you will add and edit the next one, and so on.

Cell interface and basic actions

Code cells and Markdown cells share two crucial interface elements that allow you to manage them:

  • Cell toolbar

  • Cell menu

Cell toolbar

Located in the upper-right corner of the cell frame.

Cell toolbar

The toolbar contains the following icons:

  • Run: executes the cell input and displays the output.

  • Insert code cell below: inserts a new code cell below the selected one.

  • Select cell language: allows to change the cell type and converts the input into the selected language.

  • Delete cell: deletes the cell from the notebook.

  • More actions: opens the Cell menu.

Cell menu

The cell menu is a popup menu accessed via the cell toolbar or by right-clicking anywhere in the editor field. This element contains an expanded selection of actions to manage the cells and their input. The exact set of actions depends on how you opened the cell menu.

ActionCalled from Code CellCalled from Markdown CellDetails
Insert code cell above/below++Inserts a new code cell below or above the selected one.
Insert Markdown cell above/below++Inserts a Markdown cell below or above the selected one.
Delete cell++Deletes the selected cell.
Change cell type++Changes the type of the selected cell and converts the input.
Clear output+-Clears the selected cell output.
Copy/Cut/Paste++Copies, cuts, and pastes the selected or highlighted input.
Go to declaration+-Used to navigate to the declaration of the selected/highlighted variable.
Rename+-Used to rename the selected/highlighted variable.
Reformat code+-Reformats the input of the selected code cell.
Generate Table of Contents-+Inserts a table of contents of the entire notebook at the end of the input of the selected Markdown cell.
Move cell up/down++Moves the selected cell one cell up or one cell down.


For most of the actions, you can also use the shortcuts. Go to Main menu | Help | Shortcuts to view the entire list.

Shortcut list
Last modified: 04 February 2021