Datalore 2024.1 Help

Notebook editor

Use the Datalore editor, the main component of the application, to work on your notebooks.

Editor interface overview

On the Home page, click one of your notebooks to open it in the editor. The editor interface consists of the following components:

Interface element


Editor field

Area of the editor where you work on the content and structure of your notebook.

Main menu

Menu in the upper right part of the editor that provides the following options:

  • File: to manage the notebook as a file or create a new one

  • Tools: to view and manage the notebook's attachments, history checkpoints, libraries, and variables

  • Kernel: to select a kernel and a machine (if available), and manage the selected kernel

  • View: to customize the look and the layout of the editor

  • Run: to manage computations and running options

  • Help: to access the shortcuts, command palette, and documentation

Notebook title

Used to rename the notebook (click the title) or mark it as favorite (click the bookmark icon).

Editor sidebar

Left-hand sidebar that provides the following options:

  • Attached files: to manage attachments to the notebook and the associated workspace files

  • Environment: to view and manage packages

  • Computation tab: to manage kernels, machines, and notebook runs

  • Table of contents: to view the notebook sections and go directly to a specific one

  • Variable viewer: to manage the variables associated with this notebook


Used to share the notebook.

Build report

Used to publish the notebook as a report.

Contact us

Used to contact the Datalore team.

Account settings

Used to manage account settings, running computations, and subscriptions.

Status bar

Bar at the bottom of the editor that displays information about the language selection, Reactive mode status, notebook status, and real-time resource usage.


Used to change the editor settings.

Last modified: 17 April 2024