Datalore Help

Manage notebooks

The Home page allows you to manage the notebooks from different sources:

  • Default workspace
  • Your own workspace
  • Shared with you (individual notebooks by other authors)

  • Other workspaces (all notebooks of a selected shared workspace)

There are several options to help you organize and manage notebooks in your workspace.

Choose how to view notebooks

You have two options to view notebooks on the Home page: List view (default) and Card view. You can find the icons for these views in the upper-right corner of the notebook list. Try both options to see which one suits you better.

Notebook list views

    Use the notebook menu

    The notebook menu is the main interface element for managing notebooks.

    1. Right-click the notebook that you want to manage. Alternatively, you can click the vertical ellipsis icon for the respective item.

    2. Select an action from the popup menu.

    Notebook menu

    The notebook menu provides the following options:

    Open in new tabOpens the notebook in the editor in another tab.
    RenameAllows to edit the notebook title.
    ShareAllows to invite other Datalore users to view or edit your notebook. After you click this item, perform the following steps in the share dialog:
    • Enter the email addresses of the users you want to invite.

    • Select whether you allow the invited users to view or edit the workspace.

    • Click Send invitation.

    For more information, see Collaboration.

    Toggle favoritesMarks the notebook as favorite. You can access all your favorite items from the left-hand panel of the Home page.
    Move to trashMoves the notebook from the workspace to Trash. Unlike workspaces, notebooks moved to trash can be restored.
    CloneCreates a copy of the notebook in the same workspace.
    CopyCreates a copy of the notebook for pasting into another workspace.
    PastePastes the previously copied or cut notebook into the currently viewed workspace.
    Attached filesAllows to manage the notebook attachments. For more information, see Notebook attachments and Data.
    Attached secretsAllows to manage secrets. For more information, see Secrets.
    Export .dataloreSaves the notebook to your file system with the .datalore extension.
    Export .ipynbSaves the notebook to your file system with the .ipynb extension.
    Export .pySaves the notebook to your file system with the .py extension.
    Last modified: 03 June 2021