Datalore 2024.1 Help

Manage a workspace

If a workspace is your own (you created it) or you have edit access to a shared workspace, you can use a few options to manage it.

Edit or delete a workspace

  1. Make sure you are editing the right workspace: you can see the workspace title in the upper left corner of the Home page. If not, click the arrow next to the workspace title and select the right workspace from the list.

  2. Click Settings on the left-side panel.

  3. In the Settings view, you can do the following:

    • Rename the workspace using the Workspace name text field.

    • Change the avatar color: click the avatar next to the value field and pick the color from the popup palette.

    • Delete the workspace: click the Delete workspace and click OK for confirmation.

    • Export the workspace: click Download workspace as .zip. This will create a zip file on your computer containing the workspace attachments, workspace notebooks, reports made from those notebooks (if available).

Last modified: 29 February 2024