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Git repositories

This section explains Git repository integration in Datalore. The main benefit of cloning Git repositories to Datalore is that you gain access to custom Python modules, scripts, or functions, which you can then edit collaboratively in Datalore.

Your Git integration options in Datalore

If you or your team store a collection of Python scripts or a pip-compatible package in Git, you can access that repository from Jupyter notebooks in Datalore. The table below describes the ways to do this. When choosing your method, take into consideration such factors as repository access level and repository type.

Using Datalore interface

Using Terminal or IPython magic commands

Using team’s base environment (Enterprise-only feature)

Repository access level

From a selected notebook or from each notebook of a selected workspace

From any team member's notebook in any workspace

Repository type

Public Git repositories and private Git repositories accessed via SSH

Any private or public Git or non-Git repositories (Artifactory, Space Packages, privately hosted PyPI repositories)

Installation specifics

Installed on demand, refreshable at any time from the UI

Installed on-demand using Git CLI. Certain options can be automated with and installed on notebook computation start

Installed as a part of the custom docker image

Refresh type

Refresh button and restart kernel

Using Git CLI via Terminal

Rebuild docker image

Available actions

Clone, pull

Clone, pull, push

Clone on image creation

Related topics

Use Git repositories as workspace resources

Use Terminal for Git integration

Customize or update environment

Purposes and methods compared

Git repositories as workspace resources

Add a Git repository to your workspace if you want to use it as a Python library with a file in it. Once added to a selected workspace, this repository can be installed into any notebook residing in that workspace. Alternatively, you may want to install it directly into the environment of a selected notebook. In this case, it will be automatically added to the resources of the respective workspaces.

Git repositories as attached files

We recommend using Terminal for Git repositories that you want to use as notebook or workspace attached files. While using the Environment tool also allows you to access the contents of the repository, it is with Terminal that you can choose the convenient location for these files and access them either as workspace ot notebook attachments.

Last modified: 29 May 2024