Datalore Help

Upgrade Datalore Enterprise from version 0.3.0 to version 2021.3.4

The instruction includes the following procedures.

  1. Execute the following command to stop traffic to Datalore:

    kubectl delete svc datalore-on-premise
  2. Wait for approximately one minute until the running computations are stopped. Then, execute the following command:

    kubectl exec -it datalore-on-premise-0 -c postgres -- psql -ddatalore -Uadmin -c 'delete from core."RunningComputationsData";'
  3. Delete Datalore:

    kubectl delete -k ./datalore
  4. Delete the Docker Hub token:

    kubectl delete secret regcred
  5. Clone the datalore-configs repository.

  6. Check out the 2021.3.4 branch.

  7. Update Hub:

    • Copy the spec.template.spec.volumes values from the old hub/statefulSet.yaml file into the new one (in the new branch).

    • Update statefulset:

      kubectl apply -k hub/
    • Get the Hub token and copy it:

      kubectl logs service/hub
    • Open Hub at HUB_ROOT_URL, specify the token, and click login and, in the next window, upgrade.

  8. Update Datalore:

    • Copy datalore/configs/volumes_config.yaml from the old directory to the new one.

    • Copy datalore/configs/plans_config.yaml to the new directory.

    • If the agent configuration was changed, copy the datalore/configs/agents_config.yaml to the new directory and change the image: field to the respective tag.

    • If you used custom environments, copy datalore/configs/envs too.

    • Copy the ROOT_PASSWORD value from datalore/configs/db_config.yaml to datalore/configs/db_secret_env.txt.

      Pay attention to the difference in format:

      • Old file:

        apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: datalore-on-premise-db-env data: ROOT_PASSWORD: "changeme"
      • New file:


    • Copy the variables from datalore/configs/user_config.yaml to datalore/configs/

      Pay attention to the difference in format:

      • Old file:

        apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: datalore-on-premise-env data: FRONTEND_URL: "" HUB_PUBLIC_BASE_URL: "" ...
      • New file:

        export FRONTEND_URL="" export HUB_PUBLIC_BASE_URL="" ...

  9. Launch Datalore:

    kubectl apply -k datalore/
Last modified: 24 December 2021