Datalore 2023.4 Help

Enable email service

By default, emails are not enabled and email verification for users is disabled. To enable the email service, specify the following parameters in the docker-compose file:

  • MAIL_SENDER_EMAIL: sender's email

  • MAIL_SENDER_NAME: sender's name

  • MAIL_SENDER_USERNAME: username of SMTP user

  • MAIL_SENDER_PASSWORD password of SMTP user

  • MAIL_SMTP_SERVER: SMTP server host

  • MAIL_SMTP_PORT: SMTP server port

If you want to disable email verification while having enabled emails, you can explicitly set the FORCE_EMAIL_VERIFICATION property to false.


services: datalore: ... environment: ... MAIL_SMTP_SERVER: "" MAIL_SMTP_PORT: "465" MAIL_SENDER_USERNAME: "email_user" MAIL_SENDER_PASSWORD: "pa$$w0rd" MAIL_SENDER_EMAIL: "" MAIL_SENDER_NAME: "Datalore Team" FORCE_EMAIL_VERIFICATION: "false"
Last modified: 17 May 2023