Datalore 2024.2 Help

High availability

There are three key components in Datalore's architecture that might require to be highly available:

  • Datalore server

  • Datalore backend database

  • Notebook agents

Below are the main considerations on making Datalore highly available.

Datalore server

Currently, due to Datalore's architecture, it is impossible to run multiple instances of the Datalore server at the same time. Consequently, a multi-region (or multi-AZ) deployments within the public clouds are also not available.

We're well aware of this limitation and looking into possible mitigation options.

Datalore backend database

By default, Datalore is shipped with a single-node PostgreSQL database. While it can be operated within the production environments, we recommend you to deploy a dedicated PostgreSQL cluster, configured properly according to the PostgreSQL operation manual.

Alternatively, a managed database solution like Amazon RDS could be used.

Notebook agents

By their nature, notebook agents are not supposed to be highly available because a notebook agent is designed to exist in a single instance to enable multiple concurrent users collaborate within the same notebook.

Last modified: 29 May 2024