Datalore Help

Migrate from Kustomize (2022.1.4) to Helm (2022.2) installation

This procedure describes migration from the Kustomize Datalore installation (no longer supported) to Helm. For the procedure on installing Datalore Enterprise with Helm, refer to this page.


Copy volumes from the ./hub/statefulSet.yaml file to the volumes helm variable. It is recommended to specify it in a separate file, for example, hub.values.yaml.


    1. Copy all values from to the dataloreEnv helm variable in values.yaml of the datalore chart.

    2. Copy the ROOT_PASSWORD value from db_secret_env.txt to the dbRootPassword helm variable:



      dbRootPassword: mydbpassword
    3. Copy your volumes and pvc configs from volumes_config.yaml to the volumes and volumeClaimTemplates helm variables.

    4. (Optional) If you made changes to the files agents_config.yaml and plans_config.yaml, copy the values to the agentsConfig and plansConfig helm variables respectively.

    5. Delete the Datalore insalled via Kustomize:

      kubectl delete -k datalore
    6. Install the Datalore Helm chart:

      helm install -f datalore.values.yaml hub

    Configure environment variables

    1. Make sure you change FRONTEND_URL to DATALORE_PUBLIC_URL.

    2. Consider the following:

      • The ENABLE_PLANS variable is unnecessary. Plans are enabled if the plansConfig helm variable is set.

      • DEFAULT_PACKAGE_MANAGER="pip" is a default setting now.

      • DEFAULT_BASE_ENV_NAME=minimal is a default setting now.

    Last modified: 08 June 2022