Datalore 2024.2 Help

Set up full storage alerts

You can customize volume space monitoring parameters to set up full storage alerts. Add the following to datalore.values.yaml:

dataloreEnv: MONITORING_ENABLED: "false" by default, enables monitoring MONITORING_INTERVAL_MILLIS: "60000" (10 minutes) by default, sets the duration of intervals between consecutive checks, specified in milliseconds MONITORING_THRESHOLD_PERCENTAGE_INFO: "80" by default, sets the disk threshold for INFO notifications, specified in percents MONITORING_THRESHOLD_PERCENTAGE_WARN: "90" by default, sets the disk size threshold for WARN notifications, specified in percents MONITORING_VOLUMES_DATA: used to redefine the monitoring parameters for non-default configurations (e.g. with external database or with redefined helm release name)

MONITORING_VOLUMES_DATA consists of comma-separated parts of 'container:/path/to/volume' strings. The default value is "datalore:/opt/data,postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/data".

MONITORING_VOLUMES_DATA: "datalore-docker-datalore-1:/opt/data,datalore-docker-postgresql-1:/var/lib/postgresql/data"
Last modified: 17 May 2024