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Share a published notebook

You can enable sharing for your published notebook and provide other users with the link to it.

  1. Open the settings dialog for the published notebook from one of the two locations:
    • On the page of the published notebook, click the Share button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

      Share a published notebook

    • From the Published notebooks list on the Home page, right-click the notebook you want to share and select Share from the popup menu.

  2. On the Sharing tab of the settings dialog, enable the Share by link option to get a shareable link.

  3. Copy the link and use it to grant other people access to this page.

    Sharing published notebook dialog

  4. (Optional) To add a description to the notebook or change its name, switch to the Info tab. Click Apply changes to save the changes before closing the dialog.

Once sharing is enabled, a link icon is added to the respective item of the Published notebooks list.

Published notebooks

Last modified: 09 August 2021