Datalore 2024.2 Help

Upgrade Hub

The procedure below explains the JetBrains Hub upgrade process for Docker-based Datalore Enterprise.

Upgrade Hub for Docker-based Datalore Enterprise installation

  1. Make sure you have the Hub version updated in your docker-compose.yaml. Refer to the example below:

    services: ... hub: image: jetbrains/hub:2023.3.22912
  2. Run docker compose down to stop Datalore.

  3. Run docker compose up hub to start the Hub service.

  4. Check the Docker output for wizard_token. Use the docker compose logs hub command if running in the detached mode.

    The expected output has a line like this:

    JetBrains Hub 2022.3 Configuration Wizard will be available on [http://[host_name]:8082/?wizard_token=aDeMLUMskcpZW4sXJQye] after start
  5. Copy the wizard_token value to the clipboard.

  6. Open the Hub page in your browser and insert the wizard_token value into the Token field.

  7. Click the Log in button.

  8. Click the Upgrade button and wait for the upgrade to complete.

  9. Run docker compose up to start Datalore.

Last modified: 29 May 2024