Datalore 2022.3 Help

Upgrade Datalore Enterprise

The instruction below explains how to upgrade Datalore Enterprise (Helm installation) from version 2022.2.3 to version 2022.3.

Upgrade from 2022.2.3 to 2022.3

  • (Optional) If you have disabled SMTP in your configs, remove the respective parameters.

  • Back up the storage and postgresql-data volumes before upgrading.

  • Execute the helm repo update command.

  • Change the dbRootPassword: XXX parameter in the datalore.values.yaml file to:

    databaseSecret: password: XXX
  • (Optional) Change the following parameter names in the datalore.values.yaml file if you have them set:

    sqlServerHost > sqlCellsApiHost sqlServerPort > sqlCellsApiPort
  • Restart Datalore by running the following commands:

    helm uninstall datalore helm upgrade --install -f datalore.values.yaml datalore datalore/datalore --version 0.2.5
Last modified: 24 November 2022