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The page lists keys features and updates of currently implemented Datalore Enterprise releases.


Release updates

Minor version



  • Hub updated to 2021.1.14194

  • Database connection sharing options:

    Shared workspace

    • Editors can create and edit database connections, and attach them to the notebooks of the shared workspace.

    • Editors can create and execute SQL cells for any connected database.

    • Viewers can view database connection lists and respective database schemas.

    Home workspace notebook

    Editors can create and execute SQL cells for any connected database.


  • Hiding worksheet inputs and outputs

  • Improved matrix rendering for the R kernel

  • Latest Lets-Plot library version

  • Visualize tab:

    • Bigger charts, improved chart settings layout

    • One-click chart export to a chart cell

    • R kernel support


log4j-related security issue in Hub


  • Rendering of Pandas series with custom indexing

  • Reactive mode for Kotlin


log4j-related security issue

Major release details

New features

  • Database connection: interface for connecting to databases from the Home page and the editor

  • Native SQL cells: cell type used to retrieve data from connected databases without passing user's credentials to the environment

  • Interactive reports: feature for publishing notebooks as pages that collaborators can dynamically change using interactivity elements

  • Chart cells: cell type used to build customizable visualizations based on dataframes in your notebooks

  • Interactive controls: dropdown, slider, and text input elements to quickly customize output without manually changing the code

  • Cell visibility control: interface used to select what input and output to hide from viewers

  • More language support: R and Scala available as notebook languages

  • Reactive mode: top-down evaluation with automatic recalculation of cells below the modified one


  • Environment: customization via initialization scripts in the file

  • Expanded Python support: Python 3.6 and later versions available with respective code insight features for each

  • Visualize tab: more plot types added (point, bar, area, correlation)

  • More bucket types: Google Cloud Storage buckets attachable to notebooks

  • Last cell execution info: last execution time shown when hovering over a cell

  • Cell collapsing: ability to collapse specific cell inputs and outputs for better coding experience

Last modified: 18 January 2022