Datalore Help

Work with interactive reports (Datalore Enterprise only)

Interactive reports allow viewers to dynamically change data presentations (tables and charts) using interactive controls. The following procedure explains how viewers can use interactive reports.

  1. Open an interactive report using the provided link. In the image below, there is an interactive report containing a table and a chart.

    Unedited interactive report
  2. Try using the provided controls. In the example below, the controls are:

    • A slider used to select a number of rows displayed in the table (changed from 5 to 10)

    • A dropdown used to select a column for the Y axis (changed from kernel_python 3.4 to kernel_python 3.6)

    Using controls to change data displays
  3. To update the report, click the Recalculate button in the upper-left corner of the report. The image below shows the update of the report in the example.

    Updated report
  4. To save a table as a .csv file, click the Download .csv icon next to the table.

    Save a table as a .csv file
Last modified: 28 November 2021