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Edit Subversion Options Related to Network Layers Dialog

File | Settings | Version Control | Subversion for Widnwos and Unix
JetBrains DataSpell | Preferences | Version Control | Subversion for macOS

The dialog opens when you click the Edit Network Options button on the Subversion page of the Settings/Preferences dialog. In this dialog, specify the Subversion network settings stored in the servers Subversion runtime configuration file.

The dialog contains two tabs:

  • System file- this tab displays the default network configuration settings specified by the system administrator.

  • User file- in this tab, customize the default network configuration settings.

The dialog consists of two panes:

  • On the left-hand pane, add, edit, and remove configuration profiles. Network configuration settings are arranged into profiles of two types:
    • Group- settings from such profile apply to a specific group, defined by a glob pattern.

    • Global- settings from this profile are applied to all servers that do not match any glob pattern.

  • On the right-hand pane, specify the settings for the selected configuration profile.

Toolbar Options

ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
the Add buttonAdd
Click this button to have a new configuration profile added to the list.
the Remove buttonDelete
Click this button to remove the selected profile from the list.
the Copy buttonCopy
Click this button to have a copy of the selected profile created.

HTTP Proxy Settings

URL PatternsIn this field, type the patterns that define the URL addresses of repositories to be accessed via proxy. Use commas to separate patterns.
ExceptionsIn this field, type the patterns that define the URL addresses of repositories to be accessed directly, without using proxy. Use commas to separate patterns.
ServerIn this field, specify the name or IP address of the proxy server to use.
PortIn this field, specify the port number the proxy server listens to.
Connection timeoutIn this field, specify the time period in seconds after when the Subversion client cancels its attempts to establish connection to the server.
UserIn this field, type the username or login to authenticate at the specified proxy server.
PasswordIn this field, type the password that matches the specified login or username.

SSL Settings

Comma separated paths
to CAs certificate files
In this field, specify the paths to files that contain certificates of the Certificate Authority (CAs) files that are accepted by the Subversion client when accessing the repository.
SSL client certificate fileIn this field, specify the location of the SSL client certificate file. Type the path to the file manually or click Browse the Browse button and choose the location in the dialog that opens.
SSL client certificate passphraseIn this field, type the SSL client certificate passphrase to use.
Trust default CAsSelect this checkbox to have the Subversion integration trust the set of default Certificate Authority files shipped with OpenSSL.


RepositoriesThis list displays the URL addresses of the previously accessed repositories.
Test connectionClick this button to make sure that connection to the selected repository can be established successfully according to the settings specified in the dialog.
Last modified: 26 April 2021