DataSpell 2024.1 Help

Code folding

Folded code fragments are shown as shaded ellipses (Folded fragment). If a folded code fragment contains errors, DataSpell highlights the fragment in red.

For more information, refer to Code folding.





Ctrl+NumPad -

Collapse the foldable block where your caret is..


Ctrl+NumPad +

Expand the collapsed block under the caret.

Collapse Recursively

Ctrl+Alt+NumPad -

Collapse the current foldable block and all foldable blocks within it.

Expand Recursively

Ctrl+Alt+NumPad +

Expand the collapsed block under the caret all the collapsed blocks within it.

Expand All

Ctrl+Shift+NumPad +

Expand all collapsed blocks in the document or within the selection.

Collapse All

Ctrl+Shift+NumPad -

Collapse all foldable blocks in the document or within the selection.

Expand all to level | 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

  • Ctrl+Shift+NumPad *, 1

  • Ctrl+Shift+NumPad *, 2

  • Ctrl+Shift+NumPad *, 3

  • Ctrl+Shift+NumPad *, 4

  • Ctrl+Shift+NumPad *, 5

Expand all the folded blocks in the document up to the specified nesting level.

Fold Selection / Remove region


Collapse the selected fragment and create a custom folding region for it to make it 'foldable' or expand the current fragment and remove the corresponding custom folding region.

Last modified: 11 February 2024