DataSpell 2024.1 Help

Configure DataSpell

Project settings refer to a set of preferences related to resources, file colors, version control options, code styles, and so on. Project settings are stored with each specific project as a set of xml files under the .idea folder.

You can configure project settings on the two possible levels:

  • The level of a template project. The settings defined for a template project, apply to any project you create.

  • The project level. Settings defined on this level apply to the current project only.

Monitor the IDE performance

In case of performance issues, you can use the Activity Monitor to see the percentage of time that the CPU is busy processing operations from various subsystems and plugins.

  • Go to Help | Diagnostic Tools | Activity Monitor. It lists all subsystems and plugins that are using the CPU at the moment, and arranges them by how much %CPU they are using.

Last modified: 29 March 2024