DataSpell 2024.1 Help

Database Changes tool window

DataSpell tracks changes you make to the source code of any database object, provided its source code is stored in database. For example, such objects are views, stored procedures, triggers, and so on. Tables do not have stored source code.

If there are various changes made to source code of many objects, you can see all of them in the Database Changes tool window.

the Database Changes tool window


Action and shortcut


the Submit button



Submit local changes to the database server. For more information about submitting and reverting changes, refer to Submit changes to a database.

the Roll back icon

Roll back


(For the Manual transaction mode.) Roll back changes.

the Show Diff icon

Show Diff


Compare and see the difference between the code that you edited and the one from source code.

the Group by icon

Group by

Group objects according to their type. For example, routines, rules, or views.

the Expand All icon

Expand All

Ctrl+NumPad +

Expand all nodes in all trees.

the Collapse All icon

Collapse All

Ctrl+NumPad -

Collapse all nodes in all trees.

Last modified: 31 May 2024