JetBrains DataSpell 2021.2 Help

Navigation between IDE components

In this section you can find keyboard shortcuts for navigation between:

Views and Windows

FunctionShortcutUse this shortcut to...
Select TargetAlt+F1Move focus from the current file, class, method or reference to a data source, to a view suggested in the Select Target pop-up menu.
Collapse allCtrl+NumPad -Collapse all nodes in a tree view.
Expand allCtrl+NumPad +Expand all nodes in a tree view.
SwitcherCtrl+TabNavigate between files opened in the editor, and tool windows.
Open tool windowAlt+NumberOpen a tool window with the specified number.
Hide Active WindowShift+EscapeHide the currently active tool window.
Jump to Last WindowF12Activate the last focused tool window.


FunctionShortcutUse this shortcut to...
Move to Next DifferenceF7Navigate to the next difference in view.
Move to Previous DifferenceShift+F7Navigate to the previous difference in view.
Last modified: 26 April 2021