dotPeek Web Help

If you need symbol files elsewhere than in the debugger, dotPeek provides a command to simply generate a PDB file (together with the source files) for any .NET assembly.


Usage examples of PDB files are beyond the scope of this topic. To learn more about PDB files, see this John Robbins' post.

To generate PDB file for an assembly
  1. Locate desired .NET assemblies, open it in the Assembly Explorer.
  2. Select the assemblies in the Assembly Explorer
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click Generate PDB generate_pdb on the toolbar of the Assembly Explorer.
    • Right-click the selection and choose Generate PDB in the context menu.
  4. In the PDB Generation dialog box that opens, specify the destination folder. Optionally, you can select some more assemblies in the reference hierarchy.

    PDB Generation dialog

  5. Click Generate PDB and source files for the selected assemblies are created in the specified destination folder.


When generating symbol files, dotPeek creates the directory structure identical to the Visual Studio symbol cache. Therefore, if you set the Visual Studio symbol cache directory as the output folder, all generated symbols will be automatically available to the Visual Studio debugger. You can get or set the cache directory in Visual Studio Options: Debugging | Symbols | Cache symbols in this directory.