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This page of dotPeek options allows you to adjust dotPeek's features in the Code Viewer.

Item Description
Word wrap If this check box is selected, Code Viewer wraps code lines to fit window width.
Highlight current line

Select this check box to allow the current line to be highlighted as you work with the code.

Show line numbers If this check box is selected, Code Viewer shows numbers for each line.
Use CamelHumps in viewer navigation Enables CamelHumps for the following actions:
  • Extend/Shrink Selection (Ctrl+WCtrl+Alt+Right or Ctrl+Shift+W / Ctrl+Shift+WCtrl+Alt+Left)
  • Extend Selection to Next/Previous Word (Ctrl+Shift+RightCtrl+Shift+Right / Ctrl+Shift+LeftCtrl+Shift+Left)
  • Go to Next/Previous Word (Ctrl+LeftCtrl+Left / Ctrl+RightCtrl+Right)
If this check box is selected, the words that compose CamelHumped names are taken into account when you use these actions.


This check box does not have any impact on how CamelHumps works in Navigation and Search.

View white space Toggles white space highlighting in the code viewer.
Color identifiers Toggles ReSharper-style highlighting of code symbols.
Highlight matching delimiters When this check box is selected, any closing delimiter (bracket, brace, parenthesis or quote) is highlighted when the caret is:
  • Immediately to the left of the corresponding opening delimiter if you selected at outer side.
  • At any side of the opening delimiter if you selected at both sides.

For more information, see Highlighting Matching Delimiters.

Font Allows choosing font family and size for code shown in the Code Viewer.