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Go to File Member

Navigate | Go to File Member

You can use this command to quickly navigate to a particular method or field in the current document in the Code Viewer, which can be a source file or a file reconstructed by decompilation.

To navigate to a file member

  1. In the Code Viewer, open a file where you want to perform the search.
  2. On the main menu, choose Navigate | Go to File Member , or press Ctrl+F12.
  3. In the Enter member name pop-up that appears, start typing characters in the text field. As you type, the lookup list narrows down, suggesting names that match the entered substring.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To view the list of found items in the Find Results window, click Show in Find Results go_to__show_in_find_results or press + on the numeric keypad.
    • To navigate directly to a specific item, click on it in the lookup list or select it and press Enter.

If you want to search only for constructors, enter new (with trailing space) in the search box as a filter.

Case-insensitive CamelHumps is supported here: for example, if there is a member FindAction in your file, you can find it by typing "FA" in the search box.

You can also use wildcards when specifying the name: '*' (asterisk) represents zero or more characters; '+' (plus), ':' (semicolon), '.' (dot), and '\' (backslash) separate parts of the type's fully qualified name.

This feature is inspired by and borrowed from JetBrains ReSharper, a developer productivity tool for Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Last modified: 5 December 2014
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