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Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts

dotPeek has inherited a great deal of its functionality from JetBrains ReSharper. Keyboard shortcuts used in dotPeek are no exception; similar to ReSharper, dotPeek provides two sets of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Visual Studio scheme that was introduced in ReSharper in order to minimize conflicts with Visual Studio's own keyboard shortcuts.
  • ReSharper 2.x/IntelliJ IDEA scheme that shares the majority of shortcuts with those used in IntelliJ IDEA and its derivative web development IDEs. This scheme provides a common keyboard-centric experience among all JetBrains development environments.

To switch between keyboard shortcut schemes, use the corresponding selector on the Environment | General options page.

To study the list of dotPeek commands with their default shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts.

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Last modified: 3 September 2015