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This page of dotPeek options summarizes general settings of the dotPeek environment.

Integrate with Windows Explorer Tick this check box to add the Browse with JetBrains dotPeek command to the context menu of the Windows Explorer for supported file types. Also, if this option is enabled, .dll files are opened by double-clicking them in the Windows Explorer.
Keyboard shortcuts scheme You can switch between two default keyboard shortcut schemes.
Color theme Allows you to choose one of the color themes (Light, Blue, or Dark) or synchronize dotPeek color theme with the currently selected theme of Visual Studio. If there are several versions of Visual Studio installed on your machine, the theme of the latest version is used.
Use CamelHumps in viewer navigation Enables CamelHumps for the following actions:
  • Extend/Shrink Selection (Ctrl+W / Ctrl+Shift+W)
  • Extend Selection to Next/Previous Word ( Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow / Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow)
  • Go to Next/Previous Word ( Ctrl+Left Arrow / Ctrl+Right Arrow)
If this check box is selected, the words that compose CamelHumped names are taken into account when you use these actions.

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Last modified: 5 January 2016