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Go to String

Windows | Go to String

The Go To String allows searching for string literal defined in methods, in constant string fields, and in default values of string parameters within all assemblies currently loaded in the Assembly Explorer window and all assemblies referenced from those assemblies.

To navigate to a string literal

  1. Press N/A or choose Windows | Go to String in the main menu .
  2. In the Enter string pop-up that appears, start typing characters in the text field. As you type, the lookup list narrows down, suggesting string declarations that match the entered substring.

    Case-insensitive CamelHumps is supported here. For example, you can type dporange to find dockPosition is out of range.

    If you get too many results because of initial letter matching, you can use single or double quotes to enter the search substring.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click on the desired item to open it in the editor.
    • Select the desired item by pressing Up and Down and then press Enter to open it in the editor.
    • To view and analyze the list of matched items in the Find Results window, click Show in Find Results /help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.SearchResults.Screen.[Gray].png or press + on the numeric keypad.
Last modified: 24 August 2017

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