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Navigate | Bookmarks | Bookmarks…

For you custom navigation needs, dotPeek provides a way of marking code lines with bookmarks and navigating between them.

There are two types of bookmarks:

  • Numbered bookmarks - you can toggle each bookmark of this type and navigate to each of them with the dedicated shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+<digit> toggles the corresponding bookmark; Ctrl+<digit> navigates to the corresponding bookmark. You can have up to 10 numbered bookmarks simultaneously.
  • Anonymous bookmarks - these bookmarks can be only toggled and navigated from the bookmarks pop-up. You can have unlimited number of these bookmarks.

Bookmarks are displayed in the left part of the editor . Numbered bookmarks have small numbers, unnumbered bookmarks have solid fill. Here is how a numbered bookmark #3 looks like: /help/img/dotnet/2017.1/ThemedIcon.Bookmark3.Screen.[Gray].png
Note that bookmark icons do not react on mouse clicks. To operate on bookmarks, use the corresponding shortcuts or menu commands.

To add a numbered bookmark, press Ctrl+Shift+<digit>. If this number is occupied by another bookmark, it will be replaced.
Both numbered and unnumbered bookmarks can be added with the bookmarks pop-up as described below.

To add a new bookmark

  1. Place the caret at the code line you want to mark.
  2. Press Ctrl+` or choose in the main menu .
  3. The bookmarks pop-up will appear:
    In this pop-up, you will see all bookmarks, if any, that are set in the current solution.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To create a numbered bookmark, select a numbered item and press Insert.
    • To create an unnumbered bookmark, either click the New anonymous bookmark item, or select this item and press Insert.
  5. A bookmark is added and the corresponding icon appears to the left of the current line in the code viewer.

To go to a numbered bookmark, press Ctrl+<digit>. To go to a numbered or an unnumbered bookmark, you can use the bookmarks pop-up as described below.

To navigate to a bookmark

  1. Press Ctrl+` or choose in the main menu .
  2. In the bookmarks pop-up, click on a bookmark you want to go to or select this bookmark and press Enter.
  3. dotPeek will open the corresponding document and set the caret at the line where the bookmark is.

To remove bookmarks

  • To remove all bookmarks in the currently loaded assemblies, choose Navigate | Bookmarks | Clear All Bookmarks in the main menu.
  • To remove all bookmarks in the currently opened document, choose Navigate | Bookmarks | Clear All Bookmarks in Document in the main menu.
  • To remove a numbered bookmark, Ctrl+Shift+<digit>.
  • To remove a numbered or unnumbered bookmark, choose in the menu or press Ctrl+`. In the bookmarks pop-up, choose a bookmark thet you want to remove and press Delete.

This feature is inspired by and borrowed from JetBrains ReSharper, a developer productivity tool for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Last modified: 24 August 2017

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