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Extend/Shrink Selection

View | Extend/Shrink Selection
Ctrl+W / Ctrl+Shift+W

The Extend Selection command allows you to successively select expanding logical blocks of code so that you can easily select any expression in the code by placing the caret somewhere inside it and pressing Ctrl+W a few times. The command is also available in the main menu: View | Extend Selection.

Coding Assistance Extend Selection 01
Coding Assistance Extend Selection 02
Coding Assistance Extend Selection 03
Coding Assistance Extend Selection 04

Shrink Selection does exactly the opposite. Press Ctrl+Shift+W or choose View | Shrink Selection in the main menu to apply this command.

With CamelHumps (the Use CamelHumps for navigation check box on the Environment | General page of dotPeek options), the Extend/Shrink selection commands work in a slightly different way.

If the CamelHumps is enabled, the Extend/Shrink Selection commands take into account parts of compound names. Suppose you have placed the caret in the middle of a compound name with several parts that begin with uppercase letters:

ExtendSelection CamelHumps 1
With CamelHumps, pressing Ctrl+W for the first time selects the current part of the word:
ExtendSelection CamelHumps 2
Only after pressing this keystroke for the second time dotPeek selects the whole word:
ExtendSelection CamelHumps 3
All subsequent presses are processed as usual.

This feature is inspired by and borrowed from JetBrains ReSharper, a developer productivity tool for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Last modified: 14 December 2017

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